Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Snowshoe, WV

We ventured to Snowshoe, WV last weekend for a ski trip with our neighbors and their kids and had a blast. It snowed a few inches the day before we arrived, then snowed 6+ inches again on our 2nd day there (Our first day was high of 15 degrees and very windy). Winter has finally set in and considering it's been a mild winter so far, we got lucky with the snow. We had a lot of adults' and kids' beginners in our group taking ski or snowboard lessons. I'd say all in all it was a success with most everyone wanting to return. Everyone was a great sport considering their first day out was with a wind chill below 5 degrees. Off the slopes, the adults had a great time with movies, poker, NFL playoffs, hot tub, and great conversation. The kids got to go tubing (as did some adults) and spend a lot of time with each other watching movies, playing games, and generally playing in the snow outside even when they weren't skiing.

I was nursing a sore back after having been recovering from a bulging disc I suffered a few weeks before. After doctor's treatment and some physical therapy, I was able to ski, but just not go all out like I wanted. The steeper the terrain, the more I felt my back. Stretching before and after, plus the hot tub helped a great deal while at Snowshoe. Having a bad back stinks big time. I need to get it back in shape for windsurfing, biking, and the next stop in February - Vermont skiing.

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