Saturday, March 3, 2007

Missed A Great Day

Well...I missed a great day on the water. Due to my wife and daughter not feeling well, I had the boys for the day and couldn't make it out. I guess if I had to miss windsurfing on a great wind day, the next best thing is to take some pictures of what I missed. Lake Norman was firing as the wind was southwest 20-30mph in the afternoon. I drove down to Ramsey Creek Park in Cornelius to meet up with my buddy Rob. I got there a little too late as he had just come off the water after sailing for over 4 hours and was too tired to go back out so I could get some pics of him. So here are some pics of some unidentified sailors. One of these pics is of my boys posing if front of the lake and someone windsurfing. There were 6-8 other sailors out there...which was good to see. Go to my photo album link to see more pictures. If you see yourself in these pictures and want me to email you a copy, drop a comment here.


PeconicPuffin said...

cute kids, nice wind. Time to get back out and start remembering how to do this sport!


Windserf said...

That Rob guy really should have sailed some more...what a great day.