Sunday, April 22, 2007

Windsurfing video from our Outer Banks spring trip

Here is the completed windsurfing video of our spring Outer Banks trip. Rob, Mark, Todd, and myself sailed 5 out of 7 days there the week of April 7th and had a blast out in the water...even if it was a chilly start to the week (high of 47 degrees...brrrr). This video is a compilation from my new Oregon Scientific ATC2K waterproof camera that can be attached to a helmet, boom, or whatever. I never tried the boom attachment but will try that another time. I attached it to my helmet for sailor view footage and also held it in my hand for some regular footage by just pointing at the subject (there isn't a viewfinder). Some of the footage from the helmetcam is quite jerky so I need to work on improving that over time. There is other footage on here from Mark's new Pentax Optio W20, 7MP, Class 8 Waterproof camera. That camera is pretty awesome, is shockproof, waterproof, and provides great quality video. See if you can tell which footage is from that camera. I tried to include footage from my Sanyo Xacti camcorder but had technical issues doing video format conversion so I will try to do another video another time with that footage when I get the kinks worked out. Anyway, enjoy this one and please give me your feedback. Also, check out the photo album for more pictures from the trip.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Video...Next time I need to try the helmet cam.