Saturday, March 8, 2008


Sunday, March 9th addendum: Check out 2 more links below from Alan and Rob for more pics and video of the action on Saturday.
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I was on day 3 of being fairly sick, plus I had my two sons in tow while mom and daughter had a planned girls afternoon for my daughters birthday. So you knew the wind would blow when I couldn't get on the water. I felt a little better than day 2 however even though I was still hacking and coughing. So I went to go run a few errands with the boys and then make a quick detour to Ramsey Creek Park at the lake to check out the local windsurfing action. I got there too late however, only to catch everyone coming off the water. I got a couple of shots of Donald, the last one out.

Dave, Chuck, and James were there too. Those guys had already been out there for close to 3 hours. Rob got there just before me but didn't have a sail small enough to go out. But he put together a sweet video here. When I got there, the temperature was dropping steadily and the wind was still clocking above 30mph.

I shook Donalds hand and it gave me the chills. There were 3.7, 4.2, and 4.5 sails still dripping when I walked around.

(Chuck closing up his easily recognizable big green van)

As it turns out, Alan, Dimitri, and Dave went to Lake Monticello, SC and scored big too. Check it out here at Alan's website. Another windy day at the lake(s). Windsurfing has been good to us this winter for sure.

(Dave practicing his backwinded skills while Donald derigs)

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