Sunday, April 13, 2008

Everybody got some!

Alan, Donald, and Tommy made the road trip down to Kure Beach on Saturday and got some killer wind on 4.x sails, along with a few others. Donald posted some great shots at the IBSSC Forum.

The rest of us got some wind on Lake Norman - big group of folks made it out on Saturday at Ramsey Creek Park....Rob, Chuck, Dimitri, and several others who I didn't know. One of them, Chris, I met for the first time. Dave and Jeff were kiting. I showed up late and missed the better wind which had apparently been blowing around 20mph. It was more like 15mph when I got there. I still got some until one of my harness lines snapped, which must have been a sign because by that time, I had to go anyway. I did get off a few shots.


Rob (left), Jeff (middle, kiting) and Dave (kiting, in mid-air)

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