Friday, December 19, 2008

The Gift

Things happen for a reason. I had a big customer meeting scheduled for today. Two days ago, that customer called to tell me they had a new conflict come up and needed to reschedule. I was disappointed until I realized what the wind forecast was. I took other meetings this morning, then took the afternoon off (and working some over the holidays to catch up and make up for it...amazing how things pile up) to go windsurfing. It was a gift. Air temps in high 60s and it blew SW 20-30. Many of the local crew showed up...about 10 windsurfers and 3 kiters.

Last year by this time, we had several good days on the lake in late fall/early winter. I haven't sailed since October and I felt it too. I'm so not in windsurfing shape right now. Note to self...start the daily pullup routine again (and stretch). Plus, I was on my new board (RRD Freestyle Wave 100lt) and spent the first hour trying to get used to it. I finally got it dialed in and love it.

Donald duck gybing

Dmitri one footed jump...I'm sure that was on purpose ;-)

Tommy blazing a path

James in hot pursuit

Dave kiting towards sunset

Looks like some wind for Sunday too!


Clay said...

how many pull-ups do you do?

George Markopoulos said...

love those warm days in dec.
love em even more in jan and feb.
bring it on!

RRDs rock

Mac said...

Clay, usually do 2 or 3 sets of 10-12 pullups. Besides help with strength in also helps build callouses on my hands.

George, I can't wait to sail my RRD some more...very nice board. Looks like warm temps and wind again this Saturday.

Merry Christmas!