Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Return By Water

I had the good fortune to return by water only a week after that great SUP/windsurf weekend in Carolina Beach area by taking the family to Hatteras Island. The forecast was very light on wind but it was an absolutely gorgeous weekend with sun and high 70s/low 80s. I did luck into a short session at Canadian Hole in planable 15 mph winds for about 45 minutes (and missed Drew who was out there). It was apparently a lot windier at points north in Nags Head area.

But the best time on the water this past weekend were the three consecutive early mornings I went stand up paddle surfing in the waves...capped off on the last day joined by Andy and Anne. Its always more fun when joined on the water by like minded people. I'm continuing to progress little by little. I'm catching waves and getting some good rides down the line....now I just need to work on the cutbacks, bottom turns, etc.

Standing out however was spending time with the family, playing and relaxing on the beach with them (and our dog), and remembering our fallen soldiers who've made the ultimate sacrifice recently and in years past.

I stole the title of this post from a great book I read recently, Return by Water by Kimball Taylor, a well known surfing journalist. Its in paperback and is a great short story read when traveling.

No pics or video of the on the water action but here are a few pics from the weekend.

Kids + Beach = Fun (that was a big hole on the beach dug by someone else)

Never get tired of the ocean

Post sesh eats and a brew with a view...that Sierra Nevada Summerfest is pretty dang good

Sunset poses

A visit to the Wright Brothers Memorial on Memorial Day...a perfect compliment to my daughter's upcoming school presentation on the Wright Brothers


George Markopoulos said...

As many times as we've been to hatteras, we've never gone in to see the wright memorial. Is it worth the entrance fee?

Waterturtle said...

If you're interested in history and/or flight....its a must do on a no wind or rainy day. Entrance fee wasn't that much actually...I can't remember the exact cost but I recall thinking it was a great deal.