Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Charlotte Windsurfing Forum

The IBSCC Forum site is no more due to technical difficulties (The main IBSCC is still alive and well). The new Charlotte Windsurfing Forum is up and running. It's for anyone, it's free and easy to use, and requires registration so we can keep out the spammers. Check out the site and join us for all the local happenings, when folks are going windsurfing locally or taking trips to the coast, upcoming forecasts, session bragging, war stories, post photos & videos, etc. It's now updated on my blog roll list to the right.

Please also bookmark the main IBSCC site (International Board Sailing Club of Charlotte...or otherwise known as I Be Sailin' Cause its Crankin) for local launch info, shops, weather, equipment, etc. Alan White has owned and maintained this site for many years and its chock full of great links and information.

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