Monday, August 8, 2011

This Place Sucks

Reporting from Solo Sports camp in Punta San Carlos, Baja California Mexico...In 1st 48 hrs here, we've SUP surfed 2x, wavesailed 3x, mtn biked 2x. Best and longest SUP waves Rob and I have ever had. We're SUP surfing very early in the morning....7-9am....glassy conditions....chest to overhead high. Long rides with easily 6-10 top/bottom turns.

We're windsurfing in the afternoons when the wind picks up. Saturday's windsurfing waves were chest to logo high. Sunday/Monday afternoon windsurfing waves were small but we got out there and we're learning a lot from World Champion Matt Pritchard and west coast pro Kevin McGillivary. Rumor is another swell is on the way...we'll see.

Internet bandwidth is severely limited and my iPad won't connect to the wireless we're unable to post pics for now. I'm typing this from the shared wired PC.

The joke around the camp is "this place sucks"...of course Kevin Trejo started it...always gets a smile & a chuckle. Adios Amigos!


DaNews said...

Tell Chris Laurie hello from his buds back in Florida

Anonymous said...

I'm envious! Tell Clark to behave himself. You and Rob should be ready for the AWT Tour in Hatteras next month now. :-)

rdm said...

Primus Sucks! Save some for Hatteras guys.

Waterturtle said...

Clark is in rare form...telling some great stories.

DaNews, Chris is the energizer bunny in the camp and staying out longer than anyone else, ripping it up. We have a great crew here in the camp, Chris included.

NC Paddle Surfer said...

Dumb question, but how in the world do you haul that much gear down there? Did you drive from NC?

I'd love to be there, but imagine hauling all the gear Jacky and I own. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Solo Sports has a full rental concession there. The one price includes all gear, including mountain bikes