Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Celebrating Jim Drake

UPDATE: local article about Jim's passing that highlights his many other accomplishments.

I just saw the sad news that Jim Drake passed away.  I'm deeply honored to have met and known Jim.  We had some great conversations about the sport of windsurfing.

I have a funny story of how I met Jim.  Out of the few interesting stories I have, this one is a favorite.  I wrote about it over 4 years ago on this here for that story.  You, Me, Drake, and the License Plate - I think it's now time to retire that license plate.

Here is a very nice and fitting tribute to Jim from Svein Rasmussen and Starboard.

His is a life that should definitely be celebrated.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.   May he always have wind in his hair and sand in his shorts...on the big windsurfer in the sky.


Andy Drake said...

Thanks for your kind words. It helps a lot. We will all miss him very much.

rdm said...

Very cool stories. I just sold another board to a 91 year old. This sport is one you'll always have with you and Drake is there too.