Monday, February 4, 2013

Kids Love Snow

Kids love snow.  We were at Snowshoe, WV a couple weekends ago with our very good friends, Greg & Charmaine and their kids.  And it was cold....really cold.  Wind chill of zero during the day cold.  Absolutely bone-chilling wind at night.  And the kids were champs.  We all skied 3 days, and although there were some cold toes and fingers, there were really no complaints and everyone had a great time.  It snowed a foot over the course of those 3 days and other than the cold and wind, the ski conditions were pretty good.  Of course, the morning we departed, it was sunny blue sky and low 30s...perfect for skiing.

It had been a couple of years since the kids had been skiing.  They understandably started out a little rusty the first day, but after that they were zipping around and skiing mostly in control.  We parents spent most of the 3 days skiing with the kids and going at their pace.  We were able to break away and get a few turns on our own here and there, including on the southeast's best slope, Cupp Run, a 1.5 mile black diamond that was Snowshoe's very first trail when they opened in the 70s.  I've been skiing at Snowshoe since the late 80s, and that trail still rocks when the conditions are good.

The GoPro Hero 3 camera performed like a champ and I was able to capture the fun without worry of the cold ruining the camera.  You can see in this video and the pics, it's all about the kids having fun.  Good times with friends and family on and off the slopes.  Another family adventure in the books.

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