Thursday, May 23, 2013

British Windsurfing Backpacking Snakes

Random events the last few weeks...

Have had some good windsurf sessions on the lake the last few weeks...lit up in 15-20kts 2 days in a row on a recent weekend and a fun powered up post work session in light 10-15kt winds on another day. Looks like some more wind on the way too.

Love my Starboard Kode - here's my 112lt board next to Rob's 122lt board

Rob getting' some
The rain came and killed the wind at one point - waiting for it to come back

Traveled to London on business a few weeks ago...

River Thames

House of Parliament

Westminster Abbey

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

Got a chance to go backpacking and camping with my son and his Boy Scout troop last weekend in the western NC mountains, in Nantahala National Forest.  Was a little wet, we roughed it, did a lot of hiking, and had a great time...

My son and I
We saw some cool waterfalls running over slick rock

The boys around a campfire

Someone told me the area around Brevard, NC is the wettest area east of the Mississippi - it was like hiking through a rain forest.
Our little 2 man tent - a bit tight for space for the two of us but only weighs 3 lbs, so its great for backpacking.

Didn't see any wildlife during the trip until we got home and saw this 5 foot black snake crossing the street in our neighborhood.

Raced in a local fun social SUP race on Lake Norman a couple weekends ago and went by boat

Lake Norman sunset

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