Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun with NEWJ & Windsurfing Magazine

Stoked! Two of my pictures from our April Outer Banks trip made it into the New England Windsurfing Journal June 2008 issue (page 4, WindFest article). Our sailing compadre, Rob Cornwell, was correctly credited as the sailor in the picture. And my Sanyo Xacti helmetcam set up was featured. Here they are again:

On another note, I joined Alan, Rob, Donald, and Mark for some dinner in Charlotte last week as Alan hosted Josh Sampiero, the Senior Editor of Windsurfing Magazine. Josh was passing through town on his cross country summer road trip from Florida to California and Oregon. The wind didn't blow for those guys that day but they still got time on the water...wakeboarding. I first met Josh at last year's HIHO race event. He's a great ambassador for windsurfing and has made significant improvements to the magazine. Like I told Josh, I envy his job and I don't envy his job because it's hard to please all the readers. He gets a ton of accolades and criticism from readers about what they want to see in the mag and he handles it all very well. You can follow his cross country adventures on his new blog .

Last but not least, it's been 6 weeks now since my hernia surgery and I'm ready to go windsurfing. I've been doing some early morning lake SUP'ing to start getting back into shape. This weekend I'm headed off to Hilton Head Island for a reunion with some old friends. Not sure if I'll get to sail or SUP...we'll see.


PeconicPuffin said...

You are the windsurfing media elite! Congratulations (now get back on the water and have some fun!)

Catapulting Aaron said...

headcams are all the rage today! They're the new slap bracelet and belt bag for windsurfers!

Andy said...

Yeah Mac I was psyched to see those pics in the NEWJ! Keep 'em coming!

Mac said...

Michael and Andy, I can't possibly keep up with the coverage you guys are getting in the magazines these days...and I won't even try to. Props to Michael for having his blog featured in several mags (and also mentioned in the Long Island story in WS) and props to Andy for his articles and pictures in all the mags recently too....great stuff!

Aaron, thats crack me up. I think the head cam (noggin cam) thing is an ever evolving science and we are all trying to get it just right. Plus, I'm just a complete nerd about it anyway.