Friday, June 27, 2008

HIHO revisited

This weekend marks the start of the annual HIHO race event in the British Virgin Islands. I was fortunate enough to participate in it last year and I hope to get back there again within the next few years. What an awesome experience it was and I still have great memories of it. Even if you're not into racing (it was my 2nd official race in 20+ years of windsurfing), this is something you won't regret doing. I wrote a story about the experience that appeared here on my blog first, then on Windsurfing Magazine's website, and edited again for All At Sea Magazine.

Pics & video -


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Mark said...

Thanks for the great memmory flash back. The BVI is one of those places that makes me day dream and bring a great big smile to my face. My single best Windsurfing trip, Relaxed and watch the world go by BVI style. Most beatiful Beaches, beatiful island, amazing beach's, and absoultily amazing people.

I didn't sail around the island I drove but surfed, Windsurfed and showed my wife how to buggy board and she couldn't get enough.

I Always remember sailing up next to that sea turtle before it dove so cool.

Thank's for the memmory flash back