Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Friendly Reminder Of Just How Insignificant We Really Are

Just got back from epic trip to Colorado. Did 3 day backcountry hiking/camping up and over the Continental Divide that included bear & elk sightings and sunset viewing from top of Continental Divide at 12,000 ft. Then wrapped it up on 4th day with hike/climb up Longs Peak, one of the most technical Colorado 14,000 ft peak treks. That was one of the hardest and scariest things I've ever done in my life and so rewarding at the same time.

Other highlights include hanging out in Lyons and Nederland and sampling the local brew pubs (Dale's Pale Ale anyone?), St Vrains River tubing, and of course...spending the 5 days in the wilderness and bonding with some of my bros/former rugby mates from college.

Much more to come in days/weeks ahead including full report, pictures, and video. I'm still coming up for air (literally, after having spent the last 5 days between 9,000 - 14,000 ft) and catching up on work & family. Here's a couple of pics to whet the appetite.


Catapulting Aaron said...

Nice work, Mac.

I've never scaled a 14er. My bro who lives out there has done a couple dozen... Still quite a challenge, especially for our relatively sea-level selves. How did you get ready to acclimate?

I hiked a 10,000 ft. mountain in Tahoe last September and I really questioned my ability to complete it at times. That's not even close to what you're dealing with!

Waterturtle said...

Aaron, Believe me...I was questioning my ability as we were climbing Longs Peak. It was downright scary. I'll post full report in days ahead and you'll get a sense of it. I prepared for the high altitude by drinking tons of water and taking aspirin each day a week ahead of departure. I also did a ton of cardio and got in pretty good shape leading up to the trip. That included practice hikes with 50lb backpack. That preparation helped so much...I would have been in a lot of trouble if I had not done all that.

Catapulting Aaron said...

Very nice... Baja this year? I think I'm going there instead of the Gorge sometime...

Anonymous said...

Great trip! Did you have to climb that cliff pictured?

P.S. Maybe Aaron will come with us in September....(?)

Waterturtle said...

Alan, Not only that cliff but seemingly hundreds more like it. You'll get a sense of it when I post the full report soon.

Yeah...Aaron, you should go to PSC with Alan & the NC crew last week of Aug/1st week of Sept. Unfortunately, I'm not going this year but you'll have a great time with them.