Monday, July 13, 2009

Why You Should Do The HIHO

Pour a cold one, put on the Bob Marley tunes and go along for the ride....

Watching this video is explanation enough as to why you should go do the HIHO. This is the highlight video from the recent 2009 HIHO event in the British Virgin Islands.

Here is my highlight video from our 2007 HIHO trip

Here is the story (with pics) I did about that amazing trip.

And here is a picture slide show from that trip


Catapulting Aaron said...

Mac, are you doing it again this year?

Waterturtle said...

No, it just took place a week or so ago. That 1st video highlights it. I do want to do it again....just not sure when yet. Thinking Baja again in 2010 so HIHO may have to be another year.

Brian S said...

I enjoyed your video more than the "official" video.
Did the HIHO this year for the first time - GRUELING! The video makes it look like nice, easy sailing. But that's far from reality. You have to be a pretty competent sailor just to finish a race. Also, knowledge of local geography is also important. For a first-timer, without having the opportunity to pre-rig and adjust the gear, this was grueling.

Waterturtle said...

Brian, Thanks for the kind words on my video. Thats awesome you went this was the 25th anniversary of the HIHO.'re right...its not a walk in the park by any means. I hope I was able to convey that in my write up. I recall how I felt like I just finished a triathlon after finishing the long distance race. It's hard to convey that in the video especially with such beautiful surroundings.

Brian S said...

Funny, but the Anegada race (some called it the distance race) was on the first day, and was by far the easiest, and one of the shortest races! One of the guys clocked 25+ miles on the third day.

PeconicPuffin said...

If you strap on a GPS it's amazing how quickly 25 miles gets sailed (or maybe not if you figure you're sailing at that speed!)

Are you getting back on the water anytime soon?