Monday, February 1, 2010

2nd Annual Cold Stroke Classic Video

A few of the NC Lake Crew are sprinkled throughout the video...what a great event held by Coastal Urge...their 2nd Annual Intracoastal Cup race is May 15th.

2nd Annual Cold Stroke Classic from Coastal Urge on Vimeo.


ralph said...

this video is nicely done. i'm looking forward to catching you and mark next time around.

so out of all the equipment you demoed do you have any thoughts on improved wave boards? i've read some other stuff about smaller yet super stable boards. i wander how they would treat non-pros?

Waterturtle said...

Ralph, I didn't demo any wave boards at the Coastal Urge race. I'm going to CA in early April and might have an opportunity to demo some wave boards there. Sounds like these shorter wider SUP boards might be the ticket...but would suggest a demo to be sure. I don't think they'll be as easy to "catch" waves compared to the boards we already have. But once on a wave, these shorter shapes allow for more maneuverability. So there will be a learning curve.

Andy said...


How long was the race?

Re- short and wide- I should have a bunch of RRDs and Starboards available for spring. Come try 'em out! The new boards are surprisingly stable, but you lose glide to help get you off the beach, and into a wave. You do gain maneuverability, for sure. You ready to smack some lips, Ralph?? yeeehaw!

Waterturtle said...

Yeah Andy...I like new Starboard and RRD SUP wave boards...very nice...I need to check them both out...will be in touch and hopefully get down there sooner rather than later.

I was in the recreational 12'6" and under class...that was 3.5 mile race. There was also an Elite class 7 mile race.

ralph said...

i will smack or be smacked by lips with any luck! i'm hoping to get a little more control in the waves this year on the sup and windsurfer. much to learn and so little time.

is CA business and pleasure or just pleasure?