Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally...and a noteworthy Winter Olympics item

In the 3 winters before this one that I've lived near the lake, we had so many great windsurfing days between November and March. This winter has been terrible by comparison. It's been the coldest winter in this area in 30+ years. When the wind was blowing, it was too cold (by our NC standards) and TOO windy...that's right...gusts over 60mph that blew a friend's boat dock/lift over...with the boat in it.

Just the other day, I was saying to Rob, "is it too much to ask to get some wind on a 50 degree sunny day?". The answer was apparently "sort of" as we finally hit the water today in 15mph+ wind on 8.0s...but with the air temps not quite getting to 50. But the sun was out, which the made it seem nicer out. We had 2+ solid hours of fun slalom blasting. Sorry, no pics...just focused on the sailing. Besides my Florida session in January, I think I windsurfed two other times since November. So I was grateful for today.

Just saw Canada win the gold medal in hockey...what a great game. The Olympics are done and it went by so fast. Look at what Winter Olympic U.S. ski medalist Julia Mancuso does for cross training. Found this posted on StandUpZone. She also windsurfs....check it out at Windsport Magazine.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I had a great SUP down winder at Mt Island yesterday. Was wishing for the sail, but man you can really cruise with 10-15 pushing you down the channel.


ralph said...

I'm pretty sure if she showed up during one of our seshes I'd end up feigning drowing. Just giving you Rob and Mark a heads up. And so I'm not misunderstood that means let her save me.

Waterturtle said...

She might be too busy being wooed by Mark's charming advances to save you.