Sunday, June 13, 2010

The 11th Commandment

"Get Thee Neighbor On Thy Water"

My neighbor and friend, Bill, and I went out for a sunrise paddle this morning. Bill tried out SUP a few weeks ago with me. Then he went and bought a new board/paddle. This was his 2nd time out on his new board. Bill is stoked.


Heading out across the channel to Bird Island

A Blue Heron launches out of the trees in front of Bill

Bird Island sign

Blue Heron - tons of them and nests/babies on tops of trees all over the island

Hot air balloon in the distance

Saw another hot air balloon after we got back - it was flying very low over the water and then took off in the air over the trees right after I took this shot.

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Anonymous said...

Nice morning paddle! Beautiful sunrise with sailboat anchored. Hope this means your back is better.