Monday, June 21, 2010

Escaping The Heat (and seeking bears)

The heat has been oppressive, so we got out of dodge. Day trip...mountains. 20 degrees difference. Gorgeous. Fathers Day with the family. Bears.

Escaping The Heat from WaterTurtle Productions on Vimeo.

Started by stopping at a Grandfather Mountain area trailhead to scout for a future hike and saw a warning sign that a mother black bear and two cubs had been sighted there recently. Moved on to Sugar Mountain...ate picnic lunch at top. Moved on to Linville Falls/Gorge and did some hiking. Brief visit with my uncle. More talk of bears and an experience he had with 2 different bears that tried to break into his house. Drove to Blowing Rock for dinner and saw an actual black bear crossing the road in front of us, then meander up into the woods (yes, the one in the video). Beautiful day of waterfalls, hiking, and views...with a nice breeze and 70s air temps...compared to 95 degrees back home...only 2 hours away...a great escape even if just for one day.

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