Monday, April 4, 2011

Hatteras Hangover

WaterTurtle - this photo was taken by excellent Windsurfing Magazine Board Test photographer Nate Appel and shamelessly pulled down by me from Board Test Live on Facebook. Thanks for the great photo Nate and very nice to meet you. Check out Nate's excellent work here.

You know that sinking depressing feeling you get after you get home from a great adventure and reality sets in? In my case this time around, I call it the "Hatteras Hangover". Don't get me wrong...I missed my family and I'm glad to be back home with them, but it was hard to leave Hatteras especially knowing the forecast they were getting this week. The hangover actually set in while I was working today, sitting indoors, and looking out the window seeing the trees bending over and dogs flying off chains.

But I'm very grateful for the awesome conditions we got over the weekend. Friday afternoon was WNW 20-25mph, Saturday was WNW 25-30mph all day long, then we were treated to a Sunday morning sesh in NW 20mph. We had a great time sailing and hanging out with Josh Sampiero and the Windsurfing Magazine board testing crew, as well as with our friends Ralph, Sam, Ken, and Andy and Anne McKinney. The board testers were from all over...there was James from his new home near Boston, other folks from Winnipeg, Newfoundland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Buffalo NY, Florida, and Virginia Beach/Norfolk. We made some new windsurfing friends.

Here are a few pics. I'll be editing a video over the next few weeks and will post when finished. I got some killer GoPro HD footage.

Gear Heaven


Josh filming for Board Tests Live

Waterturtle early evening blasting (photo taken by Rob)

I think I've mentioned before that I never tire of sunsets...ever.

Andy sunset blasting


Ken K said...

What a great event!
It was a blast sailing and SUPing with you and Rob.
Looking forward to the video.
Ken K

Boardrider58 said...

Great sailing and hanging out with you guys.

Sweet pic Nate took of you.

ralph said...

keep your fingers crossed for warm SW monday!