Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break Fun

Just having fun in Hatteras this week. So far, we've had great bump and jump in the sound on 5.5s, light wind SUP wavesailing in the ocean, and some slalom blasting in the sound on 8.0 & 6.5. The girls have been getting some flat water paddling in and the kids are having a blast on the beach. The really good conditions are yet to come. Looking forward to some more wavesailing/bump and jump and then some stand up paddle surfing later in the week when the winds get light offshore.

Rob posted something here.

Kids on a sandbar on Cedar Island waiting for the ferry to Ocracoke last weekend

Ocracoke lighthouse on the way to Hatteras last weekend. We always love the ferry rides.

Family & friends goofin' off

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ralph said...

boom! here comes the boom!! ready or not, here comes the boyz from the south.