Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How You Can Help Hatteras Island

Hatteras Island has a special place in our hearts, certainly mine. Hurricane Irene's aftermath is having a serious negative impact on their economy and livelihoods. Avon and the tri villages (Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo) were hugely impacted by the soundside flooding. People have lost their homes and everything in them such as clothes, etc. Hatteras Island has given us so much and we've enjoyed her bounty of wind and waves for many many years. It's time to give back. I've spoken with several folks, locals and others, and have collected some ideas about how we can all help the Hatteras Island residents:

1) Buy from the local windsurfing shops. They're losing at least an entire month of sales, not to mention the cancellation of the Hatteras Wave Jam, which would have brought many competitors and spectators to the shops. We need these shops to survive. Call them to order something or order online from them. Even if you don't need a new board or sail, buy accessories...even if its just spectra line, a mast base, or harness lines. If you were thinking about some new equipment for next year, get it now. Buy that birthday and Christmas gift from them...think about the apparel they carry too. Think of the other local businesses too...such as the local gift, art, book, and fish/tackle shops.

The windsurfing shops in alphabetical order:

Avon Sail House

Fox Watersports

Hatteras Island Surf Shop

Ocean Air Watersports

Ride Hatteras


2) Here is a great article about the Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo Community Center and the great work they're doing. It provides a great idea on how you can help: "People off-island have been making food donations by calling one of the open local restaurants, which are basically in Buxton, and requesting a certain dollar amount of food be delivered to a community center. Most donations have been between $200 and $500. The restaurant then makes the food appropriate to the canteen styles of eating and takes it there."

3) Donate to the local Salvation Army and Volunteer Fire Depts in Avon and Rodanthe/Salvo/Waves area. They have been working their tails off around the clock helping folks with everything from rescues, making and serving meals, providing shelter, etc.

Avon Volunteer Fire Department
40159 Harbor Road
Avon, NC 27915
Mailing Address
PO Box 388
Avon, NC 27915
Phone: 252-995-5021

Salvo Volunteer Fire Department

Chicamacomico Banks Fire Department

Here is more info on how to donate to the local Salvation Army. Read the section at the bottom about giving.

4) Donate clothes - I'm still trying to get more information on this one. Salvation Army says on their web site that donating used clothes are seldom required in specific incidents and that donations give them more flexibility to respond to emergencies. Many people lost everything they had, including their clothes. There are kids and adults in need. I'm awaiting more information on what the specific needs are for clothing and where we can send donated clothing. I'm told the Rodanthe Hotline Thrift Shop has been giving out free clothing to those in need so perhaps they could use more donations. I tried to call them but no one answered the phone. We're already collecting clothes from our closets and our neighbors are pitching in too. Stay tuned on this one.

Please pass this on to your friends and families who have enjoyed Hatteras Island. If I missed a local organization or idea on how to help, please let us know in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

You forgot my favorite shop Avon Sail House! Putting my shopping list together now..Gonna' confirm my reservations now.

Waterturtle said...

Doh!! you're right...going to add them right now to the list...sorry about that. I knew I'd miss someone....dangit!