Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Katia Leftovers & Cheap Thrills

Unfortunately the American Windsurfing Tour's Hatteras Wave Jam was cancelled due to damage sustained from Hurricane Irene. Looking at the epic forecast for this weekend, all I can think about is what could have been. Bill has been thinking the same. So when it got cancelled, new commitments started filling the void this weekend instead and that means no windsurfing for me. Knowing that last week, I grabbed a brief window of opportunity to make a 24 hr run to catch some Hurricane Katia leftover swell. I missed the best waves on Thursday Sept 8th and it dropped a lot overnight but I got the very end of the downward slope on Friday Sept 9th.

I made it to the north end of Carolina Beach, met Sam and Ralph, and hit the water with the local crew at sunrise. I think there were over 10 of us on the water. After the local crew got their fill and headed off to work, Sam, Ralph, and I had it all to ourselves as the waves got fewer and farther between. We all caught many waves that morning...hard not to when SUP surfing for 3.5 hours straight. We ran off to catch some delicious lunch at the Surf House, then returned for more when the wind picked up and caught a few waves by light wind wavesailing on our SUP boards as the surf finally started to disappear.

Ralph chronicles it here and Sam chronicles it here.

Here are the only four pics I took the entire day...

Sam on a nice one

Where did Ralph go?



By midafternoon, I was back on the road and home by early evening to spend the rest of the weekend with the family. Then Rob got the itch since he missed out on the 24hr road trip adventure. So we went for the cheap thrill and did some SUP wake surfing behind the boat...he chronicled it here.


rdm said...

If I may quote the big lebowski...

sometimes you eat the bar. sometimes the bar- he eats you.

Fun daytrip tippy turttle. Must do another soon!

Boardrider58 said...

It was fun bro. Thanks for the pics!