Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An Afternoon At The Lake

Last Sunday made three weekends in a row of windsurfing at the lake...a very rare occurence. And even more rare for us at the lake...almost 90 degrees and windy. Combine that with the OBX board testing weekend at the end of March and that's 6 days of windsurfing in just over 30 days. In that span, I've been on every one of my boards (and 15 of Windsurfing Magazine's 2010 test boards) and sails...and on Donald's 85lt board/3.7 sail combo in 35mph wind during that OBX trip. Not too bad considering the lackluster non-windsurfing winter we had. Grateful is the word.

Here's a couple of pics and a 2.5 minute video from last Sunday. I'm still playing around with some GoPro boom mounted angles. Note the guy flying by me in the video. That's "Raceboard Dude"...ie Jeff. He was on a classic F2 Sputnik speedster shaped by Peter Thommen...a classic narrow race board from back in the 90s that he got on craigslist for cheap...along with a classic Naish race sail from back in the 90s...that stuff obviously still flies to this day.

Sail Flip Mid-Jibe

An Afternoon At The Lake from WaterTurtle Productions on Vimeo.

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ralph said...

im glad you guys got that sw too man! what board were you on?

you have to try my formula sometime. it is the only prayer for planing on the lake in the summer.