Sunday, May 9, 2010

Giddy Is The Word

Last week, I said "grateful is the word" for having had three weekends in a row of windsurfing on Lake Norman. Now I'm just plain giddy after having windsurfed Saturday to make it four weekends in a row...all in board shorts no less. Once again on a 6.4, but could have definitely gone smaller late in the day. We had crazy wicked gusts which is typical of the westerly winds at the lake. Rob and I helped a group of canoers who had someone capsize. We helped them get righted only to watch another one capsize later but some power boats came along to help them. Definitely too windy for those folks to be out paddling. Rob caught a few shots of me here when we sailed back from the channel and played around closer to our launch spot. Fun times.

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