Wednesday, February 2, 2011

-50 Below Zero Wind Chill

That was the wind chill temperature on top of Steamboat Mountain, CO today...and we skiied in that. Before wind chill, the high at the top was -22. The high at the bottom of the mountain was -9. I was pleasantly surprised how good I felt in these's all in how you dress for it. Several layers and don't leave any skin exposed. It certainly didn't hurt that the sun was out today.

Monday was low 20s and snowing. Greg in knee deep pow pow and heading into the trees.

Here's smooth in his turns. We ended up with 11 new inches of snow to go play in on Tuesday.

Tuesday - Sub zero temps, blue sky, powder, and aspen tree skiing. Bill leads the way.

Here's what it looks like in sub zero temps with wind chill...heading to the top. Dan (right) trying to get frostbite on his face and me all covered up toasty warm.

I'm here with friends celebrating Greg's 50th birthday. I've already visited another good friend Neil in Lyons, CO and we skiied Eldora together on Sunday in 35 degree blue sky conditions. When I arrived on Saturday, it was 60 degrees. Since I've been in Colorado, I've been through a 100+ degree swing in temperature change if you include wind chill...and drove through ice and snow to get to Steamboat. The skiing has been fantastic. More be continued.

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