Monday, February 14, 2011

Is Punxsutawney Phil right?

LKN windsurfing February '11 from WaterTurtle Productions on Vimeo.

Somehow you have to believe there's another cold snap and probably another snowfall in our near future before spring officially rolls in...but this warmer weather is a nice treat. Punxsutawney Phil apparently didn't see his shadow this year, meaning we may be in for an early spring, but I heard on the radio the other day that he's been only 39% accurate. Last year it felt like we went straight from late winter to a very hot summer (and PP saw his shadow last year). However, the two years before that were nice mild and windy winters that transitioned into nice springs and relatively mild not-so-hot summers. So who knows.

Sunday Feb 13th brought the sun and some light warm southwest wind. Of course, Valentines Day brought stronger wind but I had to Sunday was my only opportunity and I made the best of it....started in SW 10-15 on my 9.6 Aerotech VMG and AHD Free Diamond 145lt board. I've had this light wind combo for about 10 years now and its always done me right in light wind...however I don't think I used that combo once in 2010. It was good to wipe the cobwebs off. After a while the wind picked up to around 15+ and I pulled in the adjustable outhaul and continued to have a blast.

Also got to try out my new GoPro HD cam. Above is a brief 1 minute clip from Sunday's session. The picture is definitely sharper than the older standard def wide-angle GoPro I've had the last couple of years. The water is a nice cool 44 degrees. I wore my 3/2 short sleeve wetsuit and my arms froze even in the sun. You can also see that I'm wearing my dorky Sun Specs sunglasses. They're dorky but definitely save my eyes from that afternoon glare off the water.

Here's to a warm and windy spring...please oh please.

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