Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back In Windsurfing Mode

It's not every day we get warm sunny and windy conditions in February. The forecast looked solid for strong SW winds so the local crew busted out the smaller gear we haven't had out in months. Ramsey Creek Park was the call and I got there for an excellent post work sesh just as the wind started to kick in and sailed until sunset. Folks were already coming off the water having been there all afternoon. Others were rigging down and going back out. It was one of my best sessions ever at Ramsey...fully lit on my Ezzy Wave Panther 5.5 sail and RRD Freestyle/Wave 100lt board. Everyone is still buzzing and dreaming of the next sesh.


Here's a great duck jibe sequence - Donald Obst showing how its done

WaterTurtle (Ezzy Sail) and Raceboard Dude (Jeff)


Donald airing it out

A brief plug for SUP - It has been since early fall since I've sailed in 25mph wind. I felt great yesterday and I'm not sore at all today. I attribute that to stand up paddling. If you're wanting to stay in shape between windsurfing sessions....think of SUP as jogging/running on water, except that it's more of a full body/core workout. Plus its another excuse to hit the water more.

It was great to have everyone out there sailing again.