Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hatteras Island Spring Break 2014

The kids school spring break was late April this year, so that means only one thing - Hatteras Island!  It was another fun family vacation with a mix in weather - started out with a Nor'easter complete with lots of wind and rain, then the sun came out but with NW winds, then the wind switched around to SW and provided warmer & sunnier conditions.  Then it all switched around again - a classic week on Hatteras.....which provided me the opportunity to windsurf 7 days in a row.  I could have made it 8 days in a row, but my body was too tired!

Most of those 7 days were on 4.6 or 5.5 sails.  I missed out on the wavesailing....its way too easy and convenient when you're staying in a sound front house with the family to leave and sail elsewhere.   The bump and jump conditions were excellent all week, especially on the last day in SE/SSE winds with Rob at sunset....probably the best sesh all week with big ramps at the perfect angles.  I did take the family to a south side beach on a couple of milder days when the wind was in transition and did some playful SUP surfing in very small mushy waves.  Fun family paddle outings in the sound too.

Kids got in the water....a little chilly but they didn't care.  The family dog was in on the action too.  Plus spending time with Rob & Dawn and her family was a bonus...good times windsurfing with Rob and hanging out with everyone over dinner and at sunset playing games.

Enjoy the pics! (Remember, you can click on any pic and then scroll through to see in large format)