Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Windsurfing Movie

I'm a big fan of outdoor adventure movie documentaries. Movies such as "Step into Liquid", "Riding Giants", the "Endless Summer" series, "Dogtown & Z Boys", Warren Miller ski films, Robby Naish's "R.I.P.", and Brian Caserio's windsurfing movies are ones I could watch over and over. There is a new one coming later this spring that will put a new spotlight on windsurfing. It will simply be called "The Windsurfing Movie".

Johnny DeCesare is known for being the guy who helped bring snow skiing back from the dead after it had taken a backseat to snowboarding. He produced several ski films that resulted in a new resurgence in the sport. DeCesare is now turning his focus to windsurfing. He is pairing up with Jace Panebianco, a pro windsurfer, to film and produce an epic 16mm film about the stories of four windsurfers (including legendary world champion Robby Naish and twelve year old phenom Kai Lenny). Check out the web site for the trailer and other info about the movie:


PeconicPuffin said...

Hi Water Turtle,

I heard from Jace over the weekend with an update on the movie...they're currently shooting in Africa:

I hope this thing comes out in 2007!

PeconicPuffin said...

New update...premiere in Hood River in July, and t-shirts and posters available to people who order the dvd early: