Saturday, September 8, 2007

Labor Day weekend

Here is how great this area is in NC....and we didn't even get to the mountains or coast....

Saturday -
- Windsurfed on Lake Norman - 10-15mph on 9.6 sail
- Went to the new US National Whitewater Center to go whitewater rafting with our friends and neighbors for an early evening session. This is a man-made river and is the training center for the US Olympic whitewater kayaking team. If you're ever in the Charlotte area, you have to go here and experience it for yourself:
Videos of the park and river course:

Sunday -
- Went paddleboarding on an old Starboard Start board with my 8 year old daughter on board with me. She would jump off and on the board and swim around, while I got in a great core workout around the lake.

Monday -
- 13 mile mountain bike ride at Lake Norman State Park trails.

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