Sunday, November 18, 2007

Smoke on the Water

Thats what it looked like when the gusts reached well over 30mph......smoke on the water. Donald and I were talking at the end of the day while we were both taking shots of Troy and Alan, and we both mentioned how the lake looked like "smoke on the water", hence the title of this post and the video.

I talked in a recent post about how the Outer Banks is in our backyard. Well, that's 6 hours away backyard. Once in a while, we get some good wind much closer and in our real backyard...Lake Norman. The local Lake Norman windsurfing crew scored some wind last week and got solid NW winds that were 20-25mph, with gusts well over 30. It got even stronger towards the end of the day. Alan, Donald, Troy, Chuck, Dave, and myself had a great time out on the water. Here are some pics and a short video of some of the action. I didn't end up with that much decent video. I made a mistake using the camera from land after I came in and the video footage I thought I had of Alan and Troy didn't even turn out unfortunately. But I got some good pics of those two. Some of the video I got on the water didn't turn out because of water droplets on the lense. Lessons learned for next time on the lake. The Oregon Scientific waterproof lipstick camera I used on the water doesn't have zoom so much of that footage was from a long distance and lower quality.

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