Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2008! And what a way to start the year...windsurfing. The local Lake Norman windsurfing crew congregated again (3rd week in a row) for WNW winds in the 15-25 mph range most of the day. A lot of folks came out besides myself....Alan, Chuck, Donald, Tommy, James, Jose, Dave, Jeff, and Mark. See some pics below. We've been fortunate to have really good wind the last few weeks. I don't ever recall windsurfing this much on the lake in a 6 week period. And to do it in November and December, with fairly warm weather and water, has been nice. It appears it's beginning to get much colder now after today's session. I sailed Jan 1st in 2007 too but the winds were lighter then. Hopefully, this will be a new tradition each year.

This is also the 1st year anniversary of this blog. What a year it's been. Looking back on 2007 and reflecting on all the adventures...it's been fun. My new year's resolution for 2008? More of the same...get outdoors and have fun when I can...on and off the water (hopefully more on the water), with the family and friends.

James and Alan



Mark and Alan

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