Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunset SUP

Rob and I went for a sunset paddle session after work tonight. Great exercise and beautiful sunset views. Pictures say it all I guess. We were on Lake Davidson...notice the traffic on I-77 as it runs in between Lake Norman and Lake Davidson. We got a few honks from the truckers and another guy fishing off a dock said he had never seen anything like us before.


Andy said...

Don't you realize that you could have gotten the same workout in a nice, climate controlled, fluorescently lighted gym?!?! What's wrong with you guys?!

: )

gjb said...

Mac and Rob. Great pics. Mac that SOS blue looks good under your feet. What is Rob paddling? . I have to head up your way and we'll have to go in a paddle. Great to see you out on the SUP's Your both always welcome here.. I finally purchase a water camera. Cant wait to use it.. Mi casa, Su casa ... Mahalo Glen, Atlantic paddle surfing