Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Pros - Part 4 of "Summer Camp" San Carlos video

Didn't I mention there were some pros at San Carlos with us? It was the Kevin and Wyatt show. Rock on....

Untitled from Mac Barnhardt on Vimeo.


Outdrsmn said...

How did you guys ever make it out through that shore break in the beginning of the clip. :P

I aspire to be someone who can sail the waves. How would you rate that destination as it pertains to beginning wave sailing. I'm getting ahead of myself as I was just able to complete my first Jibe. However, I wanted to ask while the experience was still fresh. Also would one be better off getting the feel for wave riding prior to making a trip like that.

Waterturtle said...

outdrsmn, The only real pre-requisite for going to San Carlos is the ability to waterstart proficiently. This is a great beginner wavesailing spot...I'm a beginner wavesailor even though I've been windsurfing for 20+ years. And the pros love it too for lots of there is something for everyone. Read my earlier post "Moments" about what the wave is like there.