Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hardcore windsurfing videos

Thanks to Beach Telegraph for first linking to these...

New windsurfing video coming in September from Andre Paskowski, Jose Gollito Estredo and's the official trailer. I love the effects...these guys have been putting out some sweet footage last couple of years.

Click here to see the official trailer.

...and Trudy Lary put out another great compilation of hardcore Gorge action with the Poor brothers, Wyatt Miller, and co. You've seen the pictures of Dale Cook getting massive air in the see it on video...he's literally hanging in the air.

2009 Windsurfing the Gorge from Trudy Lary on Vimeo.

On the other end of the hardcore video spectrum, check out Windy Waters for the summary of our hilarious madcap adventure last week. Yes, I've returned to windsurfing after taking a hiatus to the mountains and had a great hour of speed slalom sailing on the lake until the storms's the rest of the story with some video of our swim across the lake....all still in good spirits.

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