Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Winds

Yes, The Waterturtle is still windsurfing. And yes, The Waterturtle still loves to windsurf. I wish we had wind every day so I could windsurf all the time. But we don't have wind every day...and that's why I still be able to get on the water when the wind isn't blowing and to stay in shape.

Now the fall winds are starting to kick in and I've had a couple of good post-work sunset sessions the last two weeks. And the water is still warm. I wore my 1 mil shorty but could have easily gotten away with just late October no less. The big question - is this a preview of a mild and windy late fall and winter to come? Crossing my fingers.

Thanks to my friend Ron for taking these pics from his dock as I came in from the open channel...

My last session was late this past Tuesday. Incidentally, that night a tornado touched down about 1 mile from our house as the crow flies. Laying in bed, I could hear it through the open bedroom window...a very distant roar. Several homes were damaged and many trees were down...and we lost power. Mother nature brings us her best and her worst in just a matter of hours.


rdm said...

saw your post on ibscc. last sat was a great day at belews. 7.5/72cm board noon - after dark.

we gotta plan a windsurf / sup trip soon!

Waterturtle said...

yes we do!