Thursday, December 2, 2010

There Is No Off Season

SUP is a year round sport. Whether at your local lake or coastal spot, put on the rubber or lycra and a cap...get out there and paddle. And take in the beautiful never know what amazing sights await. It's the best time of the year on the boat traffic. Here's a brief collection of some fall and winter SUP footage, mostly shot over the course of the last 30 days including a couple of indian summer (2 weeks ago), sunrise, and fall color scenes thrown in, as well as some winter surf footage from last year. Click on the title link and enjoy in HD.

There Is No Off Season from WaterTurtle Productions on Vimeo.


Ed O'Malley said...

Thanks for sharing this. Amazing shots, especially of the deer! The footage inspires me to put a full wet suit on my Christmas wish list.



rdm said...

mac, nice. it does bump up the stoke for flatwater. had my first true winter windsurfing sesh wednesday. first face freeze of winter 2010!

do you ever have issues with chafing under your arms after a few days or day of hard paddling? it has been more of an issue when wearing the wetsuit.

Waterturtle said...

Thanks Ed & Ralph.

I've never had that chafing problem probably because I usually wear a rashguard (fleece rashguard in winter) under my wetsuit.

I don't wear a wetsuit when paddling flat water in cold weather. I wear lycra pants like you would wear running or road cycling. They're plenty warm enough...along with my 5 mil booties. I did get .5mm pants from REI to wear on really cold, choppy, sloppy days.

rdm said...

I've tried the rash guard under the wetsuit but I'm always paddle surfing when it happens.

I'll try a lycra shirt with my 6mm.