Sunday, April 10, 2011

Go Exploring In Your Own Backyard

Matt, Fred, Mike, and I went exploring in our backyard today. We live in the Lake Norman area and Lake Norman is one of many lakes in the Catawba River system. The Catawba River system starts in the western NC mountains and flows down through the NC Piedmont past Charlotte and well into SC. The main Lake Norman channel is used widely by many boaters, fishermen, etc. But most people around here, including myself, have never explored the Catawba River outside the main lake channels.

Matt and Mike had already paddled the river south of Lake Norman down to Mountain Island Lake and told others about it. I was intrigued and wanted to go. They planned another outing and it fortunately worked out for today. So we "Huck Finn'd" it with some fog starting out and overcast skies stayed with us the entire paddle with glass the whole way. Unless the upriver dam is releasing water, there isn't much of a current. Twelve miles and 3 hours later, we had seen lots of Osprey, Blue Herons, shallow sandbars, all kinds of fish, and turtles. It was beautiful and quiet. Big thanks to Matt's wife Jen for picking us up at the end of the run. I'm inspired to do more exploring around here and check out some more of the Catawba River system by SUP.

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