Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Local Racing

The 2nd Annual Aloha Cup SUP race was put on by My Aloha Paddlesports on Lake Norman last weekend.  Over $2,200 was raised for our local Habitat for Humanity.  A special thanks to very talented photographers Jeanette at (her photos are tagged with her company name) and Ken Teeter (photos not tagged) for taking great pics at the event and sharing with us.

Vinnie's on the Lake was a great venue...sandy beach, hillside for spectators, and waterfront restaurant with outdoor seating....perfect for a SUP race.

Rob taking my old SOS Big Blue into battle in the surf class

The start of the Open 4 mile race

Trying to catch Kevin, the leading 14'er, on my 12'6".  I'd catch him at the turns but couldn't catch him in the straights.

Matt and I at the first buoy turn

My girls, McIntyre & Kris (heads down)

Dawn finished 1st in Women's Open Race
Kris finished 3rd in Women's Open Race

Matt finished 3rd overall and 2nd in Men's 12'6 in Open race
Nick, Matt's son. finished 3rd in Men's 12'6' in last week's Carolina Cup Rec race
Rob finished 1st in surf class of the Open race
This race is fairly unique with 5 tight buoy turns on each lap
McIntyre finished 2nd in Women's Open race

Kevin from Cary finished 1st in Men's 14' and 1st overall in Open race and I was not far behind 2nd overall and 1st in Men's 12'6

Matt, Waterturtle, Kevin

The start of the 2 mile Recreational Race.  Jen, Matt's wife, leads their other son Andrew to the 1st buoy.  

Our buddy and fellow windsurfer (and former Navy Seal) Chuck

Our son Jake (yellow board) decided he could paddle 2 he did!  I'm paddling behind him (out of the picture) making sure he stays out of trouble.  He put himself right in the thick of it at the 1st buoy turn.

Father and son enjoying our time on the water

Jen crosses the finish line, 1st in Womens' Rec race and 2nd overall.  Her and Matt's son, Andrew, finished 1st.

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