Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Surf

With a partial open weekend and a kitchen pass in hand, Rob and I set out to seek some surf.  Forecast was for waist to stomach high waves and knowing the Cape Fear area spot, we figured there would be some chest high sets.  We did get that early Sunday morning but not before playing the evening before in small mushy and onshore choppy waves.  Both sessions had some onshore breeze and chop....in fact when we arrived Saturday afternoon, it was enough to stick a sail on our SUP boards for some light wind wavesailing.  But the wind quickly died on us, so we ditched the sails and paddle surfed on our bigger SUP surf boards.

Rob on small but fun waves

I'm still loving my SOS Big Blue 10'10" in small waves

An awesome late afternoon at the beach.  Here is a shot of my trusty Ford Explorer just before I turned the ignition and found a very dead battery in my now not so trusty Ford Explorer.  We just laughed how it was a pretty nice place to get stuck and were grateful for the kind trucker that eventually drove by and stopped to give us a jump.  Right after that, we paid it forward by stopping to help a woman and her kids get their minivan unstuck out of the sand roadside.  3 other cars stopped to help us, reestablishing our faith that there are indeed helpful and friendly people out there.


6am Sunday morning just before sunrise - ready to surf!

unknown local and someone getting ready to ditch it

We joined some of the local crew out in the water and a couple of our Lake Norman buddies showed up as well.  I think this is Brad, Surf House owner

I think this is Brad again


unknown local

Lake Norman Joe making a big drop

After a while, I broke out the GoPro camera

I'm enjoying my Tabou 9'2"

Going left


rdm said...

Be glad it was just the battery- Sam's fuel pump died on him off road at the Hole. Looks like you guys had the north end to yourselves sat evening. Nice.

Waterturtle said...

The non crowded beach shots are actually the south end. North end was very crowded Sat pm so we opted for south end. North end was fine close to pier early on Sun but soon got crowded later that morning.