Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Took Me So Long To Get Here?

In Hood River for a few days...wrapping up a Pacific Northwest adventure. Already been in Seattle, San Juan Islands, & Portland.

Powered up 5.3 today. Not HR standard epic but would have been an epic lake day for sure with the same conditions. Loved not tacking once out there and playing in the river swell.

Going to SUP & hike waterfalls/Mt Hood with family to cool off over the next couple of forecasted hot & windless days.

Love this place...can't believe it took me so long to finally get out here. Here is view from our back deck....snow covered Mt Adams in the distance beyond the river. More later...

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Anonymous said...

Where did you launch? Sorry to hear about the heat dome moving in. Usually, this first week of August is consistently sub 5.0 every day, but it's been a very weird year for Oregon. I hope you have a good time on Mt. Hood. If you have an chocholics in the crowd, be sure to try the hot chocolate at Timberline.

Looking forward to seeing more.