Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Stand Up Guy

March 6th update: a great update on Shane here.

  Stand Up Guy - The Documentary from Duncan Wilder on Vimeo.

This is a great film about a heck of a guy and a heck of a long distance adventure.  It's worth the 25 minute watch.  Shane Perrin used to be a very sick man and had a kidney transplant.  He has since transformed his health and his life...and now attempts very long distance stand up paddle expeditions and races.

You can follow Shane Perrin here on his blog.   He is now doing the Florida Everglades Challenge and is attempting to paddle 400 miles in 10 days....unsupported!  You can support Shane here and watch his paddle progress here.  The funds cover his operating expenses for this expedition and any funds above that goes towards the purchase of new SUP boards for kids and adults on dialysis or having just received an organ or tissue donation.  I can't wait to see the documentary film that he's making during this adventure.

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