Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Rain?

Took the day off work today....spent some time with the family this morning, took some work calls anyway, took my son to the dentist, ran errands, got a haircut...ho hum...

...and then I windsurfed in Ida's remains. First time sailing at Beattys Ford access on the west side of Lake Norman in the NE wind. Fully powered (mostly) on 5.5 and nice lovely ramps. I say that even though I'm not a good jumper...but I did have a couple of good airs as it was hard not to since sailing at Beatties Ford provides for a very long fetch to the NE. My first 1/2 hr out there it was almost perfect consistent wind. Then the gusts and lulls started to hit. But all in all a very good day on the lake. I barely even noticed the driving rain since I wore my Gath helmet. Water was relatively warm too. I started out solo but Raceboard Dude (Jeff) came out. Now I know why Raceboard Dude is called Raceboard Dude. He had his race board and race sail dialed in and was crankin' it out there with some serious speed. Sorry no pics...but stoked just the same.



rdm said...

MAC !! man i wish you were still in greensboro. i'm glad to hear some people hit the lake. you da man. i'm waiting for today since the temps have dropped to a more comfortable 41 degrees. box looks real sketchy for the weekend and into the week- but i'm watching.

Anonymous said...

You should see that place when it blows 4.0! It is totally like The Gorge on those days. But, I'm glad you got to experience it on the 5.5. Sorry, again, that I didn't make it out.