Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where Are We? Part Tres

UPDATED 4/10/10 with picture captions -

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So we started our trip at Huntington Beach with our friends and former neighbors (and now HB residents), Cary & Julie and their kids. Our last morning there (after a touristy day in L.A. hence the Santa Monica pier shot from the previous post), Cary and I stand up paddle surfed at the Bolsa Chica jetties with local Ralph Bill of Sup-Position. I rented a Starboard Element (9'8" x 30") for the session from Ralph. My own board is a great all arounder 10'10" (SOS Big Blue - the 1st production SUP board) so I was very curious how it would feel to be on a shorter board. It was definitely tippy at first but I got more comfortable on it after a while. A few more sessions on that board and I could have it wired. I liked the Element but I now appreciate my Big Blue even more now because it's so stable and is a wave catching machine. Anyway, the conditions were interesting...the waves came in wobbly peaks and to catch them, you had to paddle into the steepest part of the peak for the drop in. They were waist to chest high with a few overhead waves. Great morning session before we set off for other parts...

...those other parts included another morning SUP session the next day in mellower knee to waist high waves on a nice right hand point break. It was like a conveyor belt of after the other. Here's a quick video clip of the only other guy out there with us. A picture of that point break is just below the video. We paddled out to it from the spot I took that pic.

Campus Point, Goleta

Goleta Beach Park

Goleta Beach Park pier and Beach Side Bar & Grill

Goleta Beach Park

Farmers Market, State Street, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Yacht Club building at the wharf and marina waterfront area

Then we moved on to other parts again...

Pismo Beach

The view from our room at the Spyglass Inn

The view from our room at Spyglass Inn

the boardwalk in front of oceanfront hotels at Pismo Beach (Shell Beach area)

Pismo Beach (view from Shell Beach)

Pismo Beach (Shell Beach)

Pismo Beach (Shell Beach)

Pismo Beach (Shell Beach)

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mark said...

Well, it's not Bakersfield...I'm going to guess the Beachside Bar at Goleta Beach, late afternoon. You had the shrimp soup and the Halibut.
This is kind of like playing "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?"