Friday, August 20, 2010

Ta-hoe Nalu

At Lake Tahoe (Kings Beach, CA) for the Ta-hoe Nalu SUP race weekend... it's beautiful here...

Ta-hoe Nalu race poster

View of Kings Beach from top of Northstar at Tahoe ski mountain hiking trail

Did some light hiking on some trails at the top of Northstar at Tahoe ski mountain

Lake Tahoe in the background through the trees

This is a mountain biking paradise

We rode the lifts up to the top (and back down)

The race board I'll be using for the 6 mile Open Class race...the exact same one I own at home...12'6" Surftech Bark Competitor...a huge thanks to Surftech and Tahoe Paddle for lining me up with it...and also to Jeoffrey at Coastal Urge for first contacting Surftech for me. Saved me $$ from not having to ship my own board out. I still got charged $100 oversize fee for checking our paddles at the airport...DOH!!

In my 25 years of perusing windsurfing magazines, I don't think I've ever seen a picture of someone windsurfing on Lake Tahoe. I've often wondered why - I think it has to do with the mostly light winds and the surrounding mountains making the winds very shifty. Not today. It was a windy afternoon and one guy was out (and 3 kiters). Note the SUP paddler to the right. Forecast tomorrow is for even more winds...could be a very challenging race. I went out for a warmup paddle and it was like paddling in the ocean...there are waves and big swell here when its windy. I got my daughter SUP surfing and she loved it. She's competing in the kids race.

View from our room and also the race event site - Kings Beach Park

Many of the top paddlers are here - Chuck Patterson, EJ Johnson, Byron Kurt, Danny Ching, Brandi Baksic, Karen Wrenn, and many more. More updates later...


NC Paddle Surfer said...

try this next trip

Ken K said...

Great event. Except for the race part it looks like a really fun trip.
About three years ago I took two windsurf boards and a full quiver to Maui for something like $150 extra each way. I can't imagine doing that today with all the new fees.

BTW, are you Green(ville/sboro?) boys heading out to the Wave Jam?

Ken Kellar