Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hatteras Wave Jam - followup and images

First of all, thanks to Bill Bell for putting on another great Hatteras event. Also big thanks to Andy, Stu, Keith, Ken for their help with the event....and to all the great sponsors. I had a great time and it was fun to see everyone. The evening events - Andy's Wind-NC shop clinic, The Windsurfing Movie 2 premiere at Ocean Air, and the closing BBQ party were all awesome. The Windsurfing Movie 2 was very good. I was worried it would sort of be a repeat of the first one - it's not. It's different and worth adding to your video collection. You can get more details on the Hatteras Wave Jam results and action here.

Here's a follow up report after Thursdays amateur event...

Since the ocean conditions got a bit more challenging with bigger waves, very light wind on the inside, and ripping currents after Thursday, I sailed in the sound on Friday and Saturday in everything from 15-25mph (SW and NE wind direction). Saturday was a highlight as I sailed at Frisco Woods for 2 hrs lit up on my 5.5, then went on a bit of a windsurfari in the afternoon to find a new spot (new for me) soundside across from the Pro/Expert event taking place at Ramp 55 near the Hatteras Ferry Landing. I found Ian and his dad Gordo Stokes out sailing in the area past the ferry channel. I rigged up and joined them out there in fun flat water and bump and jump conditions, again on my 5.5.

Between Friday and Saturday, I hit the beach to take shots of the Igor swell action...surfing and windsurfing. There were some big sets with a light offshore wind coming in at Ramp 30 on Friday with surfers and SUP surfers out. The Cove was firing on Saturday morning with a strong offshore wind and big peeling lefts. I'll post the surfing and SUP surfing shots later in a separate post. And then I got some shots below of the pro/expert event on Saturday afternoon between my own sailing sessions.

...and it looks like some folks caught Ocracoke in rare form on Sunday.

Enjoy the photos...

Janis doing her thing and snapping awesome photos

Graham Ezzy

Keith McCullough

Stuart Proctor

The following photos of me were taken by Alan White (thanks Alan!) during the Thursday amateur event. I look at these photos and see what I need to work on...mostly my stance entering the bottom turn...need to lean my body forward and really drive the board into the carve (last 2 pics). Something I'll be sure to work on when I return to some more wavesailing (which happens maybe 2-3 times a year for me if I'm lucky!). I was pleased with my patience in waiting for the right time to go out between sets and how relaxed I remained when getting worked on the inside.

I'm a sucker for sunrise and sunset photos. This is sunrise at The Cove.

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