Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baja Fog

Sitting in the airport, waiting to fly home on the redeye...and in a Baja fog. For those that don't know, the Baja Fog is the official drink of the Solo Sports camp in Punta San Carlos. It's made up of a Corona, pour in some tequila up to the top of the neck, add some lime juice, then hold up it straight up as you guzzle it down to the bottom of the neck.

Reentry is going to be rough. We SUP surfed every single morning, mountain biked 4 times, and wavesailed every day except one day. The wind and waves got a bit scarce towards the latter half of the week for wavesailing but Thursday was absolutely memorable with some fun rides and had us all sailing much better than earlier in the week thanks to the Matt Pritchard wavesailing clinic. It was an epic week because of the overall experience and the ability to take advantage of my 3 favorite sports every day. The food was great and everyone in our camp was very cool (included Matt Pritchard, Kevin McGillivary, Sam Bitner - AWT creator and organizer, 4 Bay area folks, 1 Floridian, an Irishman living in Switzerland, and the Carolina boys Rob & I). Kevin, Clark, Rodney, Neil, and the local staff were all in great form.

More to come later with pics and more commentary on the experience.

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