Monday, September 29, 2008

"Summer Camp" - The San Carlos videos

Yeah, I'm still on a high from the San Carlos trip. I'd go back next week except I have to work and support a family and everything. I've been on the lake windsurfing just once since I got back. It was still great even though I wasn't on a juicy down the line wave ride. So, I've been up late nights the last three weeks poring through all the video footage and pictures. Hopefully, I won't bore you with it all, but I've got some pretty decent material to work with.

Here's a start - it's what I call Parts 1 & 2 of my new San Carlos video series - lets call it "Summer Camp". Parts 3 and 4, and maybe even a 5 will come in the weeks ahead...heck, we'll see what's still all a work in process. I figured it would be more interesting if I did this in pieces rather than one long video. Anyway, this is meant to be an intro sneak peak and an introduction to the motley bunch I traveled with to San Carlos...I like to call The Windsurfing Crew ("The Windsurfing Crew" is my trademarked patented pending term for any group of people that windsurf with little old me). I want your feedback so please comment! Enjoy!

The Windsurfing Crew in San Carlos - "Summer Camp" - Intro

The Windsurfing Crew in San Carlos - Intro from Mac Barnhardt on Vimeo.

The Windsurfing Crew in San Carlos - "Summer Camp" - The Players
(Parents beware - this is one is PG-13 - parental supervision is required!)

The Windsurfing Crew in San Carlos - The Players from Mac Barnhardt on Vimeo.


Bill said...

Excellent vids Mac! Really gives the feeling of "arrival!" Looking forward to Part Three!

Anonymous said...

very nice work... it made me feel nostalgic. but I think this is just another way for you guys to rub it in on those of us who neglected to join... grrrrr.

Michael at 49 said...


Great video, Ann wants to know who is the music, very cool production. You need to let me know the what you used to make the movie.


Mike W

Waterturtle said...

Bill, Thanks....I was hoping to sort of capture that feeling of arrival. Be patient with 3 & 4 may take me a little while to do...but there is some great wavesailing footage I captured.

Jarrett, thanks....Alan has very nice things to say about you. He turned me onto your work. I hope you post some more windsurfing video work...I've enjoyed your stuff. Great pics in WS Mag and Stand Up Surf and Sail Journal by the way. Keep 'em coming!

Mike, I'm still the last poor sap using Windows. I know, I know....I've procrastinated long enough...I need to get a Mac. Hmmm...Christmas is coming...a new Mac or new board? I probably could have done those videos in half the time with a Mac and Final Cut editing sw. In the meantime, I've been using Adobe Premier Elements. Sometimes I still use Windows Movie Maker. I had some video encoding issues with one of the cameras I used in Baja and had to use some freeware conversion sw to convert some of the video...a serious pain in the rear.

Waterturtle said...

oh yeah...the song in Part 2 is "Blue Eleanor" by Old Canes. Part 1 song was "Cathedral" by none other than.....yes, thats right....Van Halen. I meant to put song credits at the end of the videos and forgot...will probably have a full list of song credits at end of last video I make in this series.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with windows! but same as a mac, you'll want a high end machine with fast multiple (or at least a multi core processor). We use Windows XP Pro for all our production machines. Premiere Pro has gotten really good - a lot better than fcp imo... I know Vegas has a lot of loyal users.

George Markopoulos said...

wow. really a great marketing peice for Solo Sports as well. Makes me want to go and take trip there asap.
great video. looking forward to part3.